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Best Vshare Alternatives For iOS 7/8 - iOS 10 (2017) - Droid Fixer




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Best Vshare Alternatives For iOS 7/8 – iOS 10 (2017)

Till now people have been searching for best installous alternatives. But few people search for the best vshare alternatives. So today, i am going to show you some of the top best alternatives to vshare for ios 8, ios 8.1.2, ios 8.1.2, ios 8.1.3, ios 8.2 and ios 8.3.

Download vShare for iOS 10

Vshare is an app from cydia which lets you get games and apps for free. These are paid on the appstore.The files you get are cracked apps and ipa which are then installed on your phone. This method gives you the ability to get all the paid apps and games for free on your iDevice.

If for some reason.You are looking for new oppurtunities. E.g you want to try something else .Then there is some hope for you.Like installous. There are some pretty amazing vShare Alternatives from cydia.Which you can get to download free cracked ipa,games and apps. So why not try this.

These are all pretty great cydia apps.They deserve no less respect than v share and installous. The important thing to know is that you must have appsync for your iOS version installed to be able to fully run games and apps. If you do not have appsync.Then you are probably going to get an error which will say that app cannot be installed at this time etc etc. For first get appsync for your iOS 7 or iOS 8.installous and vshare alternatives

 Top 3 Vshare Alternatives For ios 7 & iOS8 

So here are the app store alternative ios no jailbreak and apps like vshare without jailbreak which you should really try to get free stuff from cydia on your iPad or iPhone.

 1. AppCake 

One of the best, top used and greatest apps like vshare no jailbreak and vshare alternative of all time. This is a must have tweak for all iPhone users. Whenever I jailbreak my phone.I first of all remember to install appcake. This is a tweak which gets you almost all the apps for free. Without any hassle and any difficulty. A True iOS freedom app.

Whether it is ios 7 or ios 8.Appcake is always and regularly updated to keep up with the updated requirements of apple and cydia. The official site of appcake is and repo is I supppose.

It s the #1 vShare alternative in terms of features, speed, apps and games. The team is awesome. For older ios versions such as ios 5,5.1.1,5.1 etc. Appcake is probably not going to work. As all the apps are updated and support minimum of ios7. Also many of the old files are deleted.So it is best if you first update your phone and then install appcake or appcake+.

 2. Zeusmos 

Another great addition to our list and a very respected member of the jailbreak community. Zeusmos is another great application to get loads of free stuff which you can not get without buying from the apple’s appstore. Zeusmos is somewhat old but works with updated ios 7/8.

Sometimes, you may get an error that zeusmos no download links found. This is because the app is pretty old. Similarly the ipa files hosted on free file sharing sites are also old. So they are deleted. When you open a link from zeusmos. It will give you an error of no download link. this is because the app is deleted. You can always try another link or try another method.

Zeusmos is from iHacksRepo and a great installous+vshare alternative. To install it. Just go to cydia, search for zeusmos and install it. That is it. Very easy.

 3. PandaApp 

Pandaapp is not like the above two alternatives and is one of the very best vshare alternative ios 10 no jailbreak. This is rather a free top ipa site. You can use panda app on your PC. You can search for free apps and games for iPhone,iPad and then download their iPA’s. This is an easy method and won’t require you much work.

However you still had to have jailbreak.. The necessary component is appsync. Without appsync, any cracked ipa is useless. It may get installed but cannot be played.

There are some other top free iPA download sites. You can look them up as well.

With the features, popularity of PandaApp. I did not have the heart to put exclude it out of our list of top vshare alternatives.

Pandaapp Site Link :

Hope you liked vshare alternatives ios 10. What is your favourite similar app like v Share. Or what is your all time favourite free cracked ipa store. Don’t forget to tell us.

If you are facing any error. Be sure to leave a comment.

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