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How to Delete iCloud Account Without Password on iPhone - Droid Fixer




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How to Delete iCloud Account Without Password on iPhone

How to Delete iCloud Account Without Password on iPhone. This is a special trick for our iOS users realting iCloud removal.

The following method of iclould lock removal is already tested on iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2 but you don’t have to worry because it also works perfectly fine on all other versions of iOS.  So for the following process you have to delete some documents from /var documentary and in order to achieve that you need document manager which will give you the authority to have access of iOS /var folder.

So a question comes in mind that is jailbreak needed to delete icloud account permanently? and the answer is that the best method to put file in the manager is using Cydia having a jailbreak. Apart from this process you can delete documents on var/ and that could be done using iFun boxes but we are not using these so follow our guide.

The easiest way to access your root system and /var folder of your iDevice is iFiles. Here is the way to deploy files on iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices. From file manager you can simply add other files that are available on Cydia.

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How to Delete iCloud Account Without Password on iPhone

How to Remove iCloud Account Permanently

Before starting the process you have to follow this: Open  “Settings”  then “iCloud” . Then from iCloud scroll down till you find “Sign Out” option, then tap on it. After that select option of “Delete From My iPod/iPhone / iPad ”. A screenshot is given below so that you can understand better.

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How to Delete iCloud Account Without Password on iPhone

Steps of How to Delete iCloud Account Without Password on iPhone

Follow the simple steps given below in order to know How to Delete iCloud Account Without Password iOS9.

Step 1

So in the very first step you have to install File Manager on your device. Choose iFile or iFilza.

Step 2

Open up these files and then navigate to:  /Var/mobile/Library/ConfigurationProfile­­s and then you have to delete the following documents:

  • “ClientTruth.Plist”
  • “CloudConfigurationDetails.Plist”

Step 3

After that open /var documents and delete simply the files given below

  • Delete: Accounts3.Sqlite
  • Sqlite.Shm
  • Sqlite.Wal

Step 4

Then restart your iOS Device. If anyone don’t know how to do that we have shared its method too :p

  • First of all you have to press and hold the sleep/wake button
  • After that simply slide the red slider in order to restart your iDevice
  • Again press and hold the sleep/wake button until you see apple logo which means that you device is turning ON

If you want to know, how to reset iphone without icloud password then click here.

Step 5

Once restarting is completed, you can check your iOS device and you will be happy to see that there will be no iCloud account and now you can add new account without any further issues.

So this was a simple trick of how to erase iphone without icloud password iOS 10. Let us know if you have any better and simple method by sharing it in the comment section below so that people can get help from you. Also check How to Install GBA4iOS iOS 10/iOS 11 on iPhone.



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