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How to Install GBA4iOS iOS 10/iOS 11 on iPhone

Download GBA4iOS iOS 10 if You want to have the best gaming emulator for your favorite games then you must be thinking of having GBA emulator iOS 10.

Gba 4 iOS is the most extraordinary gaming emulator ever introduced for Apple to play classic and cool games on your iPhone or iPad. It is also one of the highly downloaded iOS tweaks available for all kind of iPhone, iPad and iPod. GBA4 is available for the devices having no-jailbreak option.

Most of the users are unable to get Gameboy emulator iPhone on official iOS 10/11 without jailbreak.Let me tell you that you can use iPhone gba emulator no matter what, if apple kills that website, no matter what you will be able to use it without jailbreak. It’s been a while since gba4iOS has introduced which allows you to play your favorite gameboy games on any iphone or ipad.

Today I am going to tell you something new and something amazing about this cool emulator introduced for Apple.

How to Install GBA4iOS iOS 10/iOS 11 on iPhone

What I Will Tell You :

  • How to Get GBA4iOS on Official 9-9.3.2 without Crashing (2016)
  • How to Get Your Favorite Game on GBA4iOS
  • What if You Can’t Verify GBA 4iOS after Installing
  • How to Download Roms for GBA4 iOS
  • How To Get the Top 5 GBA ROM Hacks of 2014 on GBA4iOS
  • Top Games to Play on GBA4iOS for Beginners

Check Before Installing :

  • Check for the software update, if any then try to update it.
  • This works perfectly without crashing on 9.3.2.
  • You must have one of the three newest firmwares.
  • Make Sure that your time and date settings is initially set to automatic.

How to Get GBA4 iOS on Official 9-9.3.2 without Crashing (2016)

This is an easy process of having iphone gameboy emulator of all versions till 9.3.2, and by using this method you can run any game of any emulator, rater it is gameboy advance or gameboy color. You can have all of them without crashing in, or without jailbreak.

How to Download and Install GBA4iOS without Jailbreak

Follow every single step to learn how to get games on gba4ios on Gameboy advance emulator iphone


Open your safari browser and go to

How to Install GBA4iOS iOS 10/iOS 11 on iPhone


Tap on “Download GBA4iOS 2.1 (iOS 8.0.3 and below)”.

How to Install GBA4iOS iOS 10/iOS 11 on iPhone

NOTE: just ignore 8.0.3 and below because it works on iOS 10 and 11


Now head to the settings, and go to general.


Go to date & time.


Change the date to JUNE 2nd, 2012, and also change the time to 10 o clock.

step 5


Wait for the installation of ios gba emulator to finish, and when installation is complete, try to tap on the gba4ios app.

NOTE: Whenever you change the time and date settings to Set Automatically it will only give the following message:

GBA4iOS  download is not available.

So you should keep your date and time to june 2nd, 2012. Otherwise it won’t work.

How to Get Your Favorite Game on GBA4iOS

As you have GBAiOS completely installed on your iPhone or iPad and now you want to play some cool, epic, and adventure, action and horror games. Or probably I must say you want to play the games of your own will, and then you should follow these steps.


Now open the safari and go to, “”.

How to Install GBA4iOS iOS 10/iOS 11 on iPhone


You will be seeing 3 horizontal bars at the top left corner of your screen, just tap on it.


You will see the option of Search by console, in which you have to search a console.


Search for the category of the game you want to get like “Gameboy Color”.

How to Install GBA4iOS iOS 10/iOS 11 on iPhone


Now you have to enter the name of the game you want to download, just like in the snapshot.

step 11


Select your game, and tap on download in the green box.



It will lead you to the next window, where you will be seeing 2 different options, on at the top right corner and other at the top left corner, you have to tap on the option of “OPEN In”. which is at the top left corner.

step 14


Now select Copy to GBA for iOS.


That’s it all of your games can be downloaded and launched in GBA4iOS using the same process I did. Just follow these steps for each game. And remember not to change the date and time.

Important Note:

You can change the date and time to current but whenever you need to play games with gba 4 iOS, you should always reverse the time. And in case of failure in installing your game or installing gameboy emulator for iPhone you should try not to skip any step, and if incase it happens check following things.

  • Check that your date is changed while opening the emulator.
  • Also check that you have not skipped any of the steps in this guide.
  • Try not to use iOS 11, it may be little creepy on this version of iOS.
  • If that all seems fine, then you should ask about the solution using the comment box below.

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Solution : If You Can’t Verify GBA4iOS after Installing ?

After installing gameboy emulator ios 10 many users can’t access it because they can’t verify it or they can’t set the trust this option. In iOS 3rd party apps like Moviebox or vShare could have helped a lot but in the versions like ios 10 and above if you are having the same problem, you have to follow the following guide.

  • Go to the settings, and tap on general.
  • Now Go to device management
  • Now tap on emulators profile, it might say that you have to correct your time and date.
  • Firstly you have to set your time and date to automatic.
  • Then go to device management and then tap on emulators profile.
  • And now click on Trust this option

GBA ROM Hacks on GBA for iOS

Now you have GBA4iOS installed on your iOS device and you also are having your favorite game running with this cool emulator, then you probably are thinking of some GBA ROM hack.

For hacking the ROM all you have to do is to open safari and paste in the url one of the following links for the game you would like to download.


Upon pasting the link it will begin to download in the back rom, so be patient and wait for the screen with open in option to appear at the top right corner.

Tap on open in and then select GBA4ios and it will take you directly to the application where you will see that your game is now there and able to be played and enjoyed.

How to Download Roms for GBA 4 iOS

Roms allows you to play your favorite game after downloading GBA4ios ,and If you are having an issue with downloading roms for iOS or you still don’t know how to download Roms for GBA4iOS then you should follow these steps.

  • On your Apple device, go to GBA4iOS app.
  • Tap on the search icon which can be easily spotted at the top right corner of the screen.
  • By tapping of search icon you will be probably navigated to the homepage of Google.
  • Where you can easily search and download GBA roms of all type.
  • Search for your favorite rom and download it quickly.

Now as you have downloaded your favorite rom and the next thing you need is to activate Dropbox Sync. This will save the Rom to your dropbox account and you can use this account with any device. If you do not have any Dropbox installed on your device then you should first install it.

  • To activate Dropbox sync, go to the settings within the app.
  • Scroll down to find Dropbox Sync option, whenever you locate this option, just tap on it.
  • By default it is turned off and you have to enable it.
  • Dropbox also allows you to save your game data, so that you will never lose the saved data.

Top Games to Play on Gameboy Emulator iOS for Beginners

As you have download gba emulator for iPhone If you are a beginner with this emulator and you are confused on what game you should play and what game you should first download. Don’t worry because we have a quick guide for you, and we give you the best collection of Gameboy app on iPhone.

  1. Pokemon Emerald
  2. Wario Ware twisted
  3. KH: Chain of Memories
  4. Pokemon Light Platinum
  5. DB: Advance Adventure

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