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Top 5 Fastest Best Android launchers 2017

Android is great in terms of customization. Fastest Best Android launchers 2017 list is here. You can mold it in anyway you like. But the only limitation is its memory. With limited memory and your customization.You are using more and more resources of your phone and making it more slow.

What is there was a way to keep the customization but also make our android mobile fast. Yes we can do it. Using launchers. There are many launchers but not many light weight launchers for android. Today I will tell you about one of the most lightest android launchers a.k.a 5 Most Lightest Launchers For Android which you can use today. These launchers will help maintain the beauty of customization as well as the speed and maintenance of your phone.

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Below are the best top free 5 android light and fast android launchers in 2017 which you can use to make your android phone beautiful as well as increase some speed of it.5 most lightweight and fast android launchers

Top 5 Fastest Best Android launchers 2017

Here is a list of best launcher for android marshmallow 2017 and in this list we have best 3d android launcher and best launcher for android lollipop along with best android launcher reddit.

Mi Launcher

Mi Launcher

MiLauncher is a great lightweight and fast android launcher for android OS . It is developed from the famous Mi OS .Instead of installing the whole custom rom to get speed ,you can just install the Mi Launcher and enjoy. It’s totally free.Also Mi Launcher is beautiful and stylish too.It has a very light-weight UI so it won’t take more ram.You can customize it according to your need. With in the launcher you get many customization features. It also has its own Mi Store where you can get thousands of themes waiting to be applied on your phone. And one more thing. Your android phone will behave like iOS .With ios transitions and UI you will get a new look and feel like iOS on your android device. I was very fond of this launcher and also installed its custom rom. You can get mi launcher free from the official Google’s PlayStore.

Cheetah Launcher

CM Launcher

Previously named CM launcher is another great addition to our list of the top light wieght and fastest android launchers for beauty and speed. CM launcher features awesome customization tweaks. It will allow you to customize a lot of things with in the launcher settings itself.CM launcher has lots of custom themes which you can download from the play store and apply to get more different look and  UI.It includes designed enhancements with dedicated widgets.some of which includes alarm clock,quick switched and a highly working and efficient cleaning tool which will give you more free ram and a greater experience.CM Launcher features a smooth interface.Best for users who want to speed up their android phones by installing launchers.It has its own custom sliding animations,apps drawer and loads of free themes.

ADW Launcher

One of the best launcher 2017 and the oldest used launchers in Android. ADW Launcher most probably the fastest and best working launcher in my case. I have used ADW launcher and it was the best.It was beautiful. The UI was great.The look and feel was amazing. And best of all.My phone was not slowing me down. It was actually speeding up.ADW launcher is a free app in the Google’s playstore and you get many features enclosed with in a single application.You get thousands of skins and themes, gesture operations to get things done fastly.More speed and less using hanging up the phone.Light features and great experience.This is a must have app for android users. Great customization tweak for android.

Smart Launcher 2

Smart Launcher 2 was an update created by GinLemon and is fastest android launcher 2017 .The name says it all.This is a smart launcher is a great android fastest launcher to use.With its smart and great features.The app is #2 on our list.It really works smart and serves you with the best user interface and the best auto optimization options.Another feature is that this launcher will support Nova and Apex Launcher’s icon sets.Customization is not really an issue.Out of the box you get a flower like panel which helps you in accessing your apps faster and without slowing down your phone.This launcher supports every phone.Either if it is a tablet, a phablet or a phone.Smart launcher 2 launches with all devices.

Halo Launcher

This is one of the best free android launcher 2017, fast , light weight and great android launchers I have ever used.If you are struggling with low ram and less resources then you should not think twice.Holo launcher gives you speed , reliability and a faster user interface.It will occupy less than 1 MB disk space on your phone.The great part is that no matter which version of android you are on.It will always support your android.Either if you are on 2.2 froyo or 4.2 jelly bean.Holo launcher is there to speed up your smartphone.The features which intrigued me the most was infinite scrolling, faster UI ,smoothness of the layout and most of all ,the overall performance.This is a free launcher you get from PlayStore easily.

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