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How To Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error iOS - Droid Fixer




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How To Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error iOS

How to fix iMessage Waiting for Activation error on iPhone as it occurs when imessage won’t activate or an error occurred during activation imessage. Solve this error easily in simple step by step guide.There are constant bugs in iOS that apple does not seem to fix. One of the most popular problem in ios 9, ios 10 and ios 11 is the waiting for activation imessage error / issue. There seem to have no fix for this that an average user can try.

Despite constant efforts. Even reinstalling firmware or giving a reset to your phone does not seem to fix the iMessage says waiting for activation which is dreadful issue.

So what can you do ? Easy, all you have to do is try out this simple fix.

Now the question is how to activate imessage when imessage an error occurred during activation? There are quite a lot of fixes but the chances of them working are 50%. I looked at the most commonly worked solution for this imessage error and have come up with a working fix for imessage activation error on iOS 9 or iOS 10 or ios 11.

This solution has helped many users and is continuing to get more appraised by more and more iOS users over time. If you are facing the same issue. Don’t give up on your phone before trying these methods to fix the imessage activation fix on ios 9, ios 10 , ios 11.



Get Ready For The iMessage Waiting For Activation Error Fix

Before you proceed on to the solution to learn how to enable imessage. Please make sure of the following precautions and carefully make sure that you have these. Follow each and every step if you have imessage error occurred during activation.

  • Open your contacts. Make sure that you see your own phone number on the top of the contacts. If not then go to SettingsPhoneMy Number and enter your number. It should come up now in the contacts.
  • Check that your Date and Time are correct. Set your time setting to automatically under the General settings.Make sure that your iPhone,iPad displays correct time.
  • One of the most necessary thing is your internet connectivity. Make sure you are on a working network and that you are not facing any wifi or connectivity issues.Either you are on cellular or wifi.Get a working network.

Sometimes, for us international users, i message tends to send out an international message to activate itself. So it is precautionary to have sufficient amount of balance and carrier permission.

Lastly,you should contact your carrier and ask them if they support iMessage or not. Contact them and verify any limiting condition on your for iMessage, blocks, or filters on text messages.

Try these 2 fixes to get iMessage working and activated once again on your iPhone or iPad.

Airplane Mode Fix

Cant activate imessage due to airplane mode. Sounds strange ? Maybe it is. This is the most working and most thanked method by thousands of users getting the activation error.This is a simple method I found while browsing some forums and discussions. It is easy and you will be amazed how often it works.

So here are the steps for iMessage waiting for Activation Airplane Mode Fix.

  1. Go to your settings -> go down and search for Messages -> in Messages turn of iMessage + disable FaceTime.iMessage Waiting for Activation
  2. Now swipe up and open the control center. Tap on AirPlane Mode and turn it on. Also turn off the Wi-Fi.
  3. Now wait for a second (give your phone a restart if you want) and turn On Wi-fi.
  4. Go back to Messages from the settings and turn on iMessage.
  5. You will be prompted for your Apple ID and Password. If you have not added it yet. (Optional)
  6. In most cases, you will are shown a notification that ‘Your carrier may charge for SMS’ .Tap on OK.
  7. If you are not shown the message. Turn off iMessage and turn it On again.
  8. In a short while, iMessage will get activated.

This worked for most users. And me too. Try this and let me know what you get using this method.

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Apple ID Sign-out, Sign-in Fix

imessage won’t turn on due to many reasons and waiting for activation facetime error occurs usually. Sometimes, it is not the carrier or iPhone messing with you. It is your Apple ID. Since the whole of iOS revolves around your apple id. You just need to quickly tweak it to fix problems. To fix iMessage Waiting for Activation error issue using this method. Follow the steps.

  1. Go to Settings -> Messages -> Send And Recieve.
  2. Now in the first column. You will see your Apple Id attached. Tap on it and select Sign out.
  3. Switch or turn off iMessage for a While. Turn your Wifi or Cellular Data Off and On.
  4. Now go again to iMessage and goto Send & Recieve. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  5. Try to reactivate .

Done. You should now be able to get the waiting for activation problem fixed. It is recommended that you should try both the methods. Give me a comment if this is not working for you.

If nothing seems to work. You can always try to restore or install a fresh new iOS firmware. As this is your last option. You can also try to restore network settings.

These were the top 2 Fixes for getting the problem easily fixed on iOS 9 and iOS 10, ios 11. Hope by now, you should have successfully reactivated your iMessage.

If you are facing any issue still. I will try my best to help you. Let me know.

If this article on How To Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error iOS was helpful and worked for you .Can I get a share and a thumbs up (Y) . Thankyou .

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