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How to Fix My iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes Error




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How to Fix My iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes Error

My iPhone is Disabled connect to itunes how to  unlock and fix this error message, step by step guide is provided in this article.

If your iPhone is showing this message on its screen, then you may not know what’s going on. It may seem even worse if the message also says that you won’t be able to use your iPhone 23 million minutes. Luckily, it’s not quite as bad as it seems. If your iPhone (or iPod) is disabled, read on to find out what’s happening and how to undisable an iPhone without iTunes.

Why iPhones and iPods Get Disabled

Using a wrong password on iOS devices is a big mess now. It will gives an error of iphone disabled bypass. Your device can potentially be locked for 25 years and can be a serious issue. It can be caused by trying wrong password multiple times or can be a prank by your friend but now the result will not be just 5 minutes or an hour but can be more then that.

When your iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes error message is appearing, the only option you have is to restore it through iTunes.

How to Fix My iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes Error

My iphone is disabled connect to itunes

Following is the step by step guide for iphone disabled connect to itunes. Make sure you complete all the steps.

Step 1 :

Connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 2 :

Open iTunes

Step 3 :

Select the iPhone (from the sidepane or from top-right of the screen)

Step 4 :

In the Summary tab, click on Restore

Step 5 :

If iTunes proceeds with a problem-free restore, your device will be wiped clean and restored as a new device. You can then carry on restoring it from an iCloud ID.

Step 5 :

If iTunes throws up errors, it’s time to go to Recovery Mode. Press and hold Power and Home buttons till iPhone goes into the blank state. (Black screen). Now connect the iPhone to iTunes and restore (iTunes will detect that a device is in recovery mode).

iPhone Disabled Fix Without iTunes

Also there is an option in the settings for high security and its called Erase Data. Once turn on and password entered wrong more than ten times will delete all the data. So before you enable it make sure that someone don’t enters a wrong password in future. It is very much important to take care of your iPhone.

So method I am about to share with you will show you how to not get into this kind of trouble and be safe. These are some of the statistics that shows that what happens if you will keep entering wrong password. Follow the following method if you are willing to bypass iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes fix without computer.

Note: If you have following quries in your mind like, iphone disabled fix without itunes, iphone is disabled connect to itunes bypass or iphone disabled how to unlock or iphone disabled fix without losing data and my iphone is disabled and won’t connect to itunes. Then you should follow the following easy trick.

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iPhone Disabled: How to Undisable iPhone without iTunes

Iphone is disabled connect to itunes how to unlock

So its a free jailbreak tweak that allows you to know how to fix disabled iphone and enter as many wrong password as you want and wont leave your iPhone disabled. Without the trouble of your phone being disabled and you don’t have to restore it from itunes either. Its name is No Passcode Lockout. Lets see how to install it. Follow these simple steps to download No Passcode Lockout.

  1. Simply open Cydia and now wait so that it can reload packages & sources.
  2. Now you have to open search options.
  3. Then simply you have to type No Passcode Lockout.
  4. Now install and refresh.
  5. After installing, enable No Passcode Lockout from settings.

This tweak can be used on any iOS device having iOS 7, 8 and also iOS 9. So go check it out and have fun using your phone and sharing it with you friends.

Hope you like our article on My iphone is disabled connect to iTunes without restoring.


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