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How To Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode

Put Galaxy Note 10.1 into download Mode .Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 is one of the best android tablets of all time. Sadly with its updat versions like note 10.1 pro , note pro etc coming up , galaxy note 10.1 is losing value but still its one of the most bought and used Android smart tablets made by Samsung of all time. Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 Comes with stock rom ice-cream Sandwich (android 4.0 ICS) but later on you can flash Android jelly bean using Download mode and Odin via your Computer or Laptop. For that you would need to Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode and that’s our assignment for today. Im going to show you how to Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode Easily using these simple steps.

You can put Your Galaxy note n800 and your galaxy note wifi version into download mode using this method.Root-Galaxy-Note-10-1

How To Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode

To Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode is quite Easy . You dont have to be super smart to do this. By using these simple steps, even a noob can put his Galaxy note 10.1 into Download mode in under a minute. So we continue with our guide. Follow me.

When Can You Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode

You Can put your galaxy note 10.1 into download mode when

  • Your galaxy note is on.
  • Before turning off your galaxy note 10.1
  • when your Galaxy note is off
  • When you are working on your galaxy note
  • you are stuck in boot loop
  • you are stuck in cwm
  • want to flash a rom

It doesn’t matter where you are. You can Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode even while your android device is playing a video. This will in no way harm your Galaxy note 10.1 (gt-n8000 or wi-fi version)

 Steps To Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode 

There are very simple steps to do this.

  1. Locate the Power and Volume Down button on your Galaxy note 10.1
  2. Now simultaneously place your two fingers on The Power Button and Volume Down button.
  3. Press both the Power Button and Volume Down Button together and KEep pressing them
  4. Keep Pressing Both the Buttons until Your Screen becomes Black Dont leave them
  5. After the screen Becomes Black , keep holding the buttons for 1 sec and Download Mode will Pop Up. That is your queue to Leave the Power button and Volume Down button.

[alert-success]Voila. You have successfully Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode under a Minute[/alert-success]

In Download Mode

Your Galaxy note 10.1 will give two options. It will say

  • Volume Up : Continue
  • Volume Down : Cancel

If you want to proceed to download mode to flash a file via Odin to your Galaxy note then Continue and Press Volume Up button. After continue you will see another screen and odin will then display your device as connected.
But if you want to go back and not proceed then Press Volume Down Button and Cancel. Your device will restart and boot up as nothing was ever happened.

Precautions to take while in Download Mode

There are some precautions you should take while you are in Download mode and or flashing something via odin.

  • Make Sure your batter is sufficiently charges i.e atleast 40%
  • Cable should be good. It should not break via flashing in download mode
  • Your PC should not turn off during the process
  • Have appropriate drivers installed on your PC for Odin To detect your Android Device that is in this case Galaxy note 10.1

Uses Of Download Mode

Fix This Easily Using Download Mode and Odin
Fix This Easily Using Download Mode and Odin

Now that you’ve Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode you may want to take a look and see what are the useful features and tricks of Download Mode. Download mode is provided on all Samsung Smart android phones. It cannot be deleted, it comes as a bios integrated function on your android device so that when anything goes wrong you can simply fix your Samsung Device. The uses when using download mode are that you can

  • Flash or install a custom rom
  • Flash or install a stock rom
  • Unbrick your Bricked Phone
  • Restore Your Samsung Smart Phone
  • Get Out of Almost any error
  • Get out Of Boot Loop
  • Root your Samsung Device
  • Unroot your Samsung Android Device

I can go on and on about Download mode but the truth is that Like iPhone’s DFU mode Samsung’s Download mode is a great feature with great many uses. I’ve used download mode on my android Galaxy note 10.1 like a million times and I’ve got to say that whenever i screwed up my Samsung android phone, Download mode was there to save my ass. And thanks to Odin.

 Download Mode Only Works With Odin 

—– > Download Odin

Odin is a special type of software owned and made by the XDA developers and Samsung . Odin puts the use of download mode to practice.After you’ve Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode the features and uses aren’t going to be done by themselves, nor you are connected to the internet or have special system to use Download mode’s features. The Odin on your PC , Laptop , Windows ,Mac does this kind of stuff. When you connect with Odin your Android Device, in this case your galaxy note 10.1, Odin detects your device. In Odin you can put necessary files and then flash them or transfer them onto your galaxy note 10.1 safely so that they get installed.Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode and Then connect with Odin on your PC to use properly.

What If Something Goes Wrong When I Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode

Dont worry. Do not fear. Nothing will happen and nothing will go wrong when you put your Galaxy note 10.1 into download mode.Yes something might happen when you are flashing something and your galaxy note turn off. If this happens then simply Charge your galaxy note 10.1 for sometime, Put it again into Download mode and start flashing again. Everything will be done correctly. I once had a problem when i bricked my Samsung galaxy note 10.1 while flashing a stock ice cream sanwich rom. The charging finished and my Samsung galaxy note turned off while i was flashing. Now it gave a bricked error. What i did was that i simply charged it for sometime, Put it again in download mode and Flashed it again. The flashing worked like a charm and My OS ,ics was successfully installed.

Hope you liked this article on how to Put Galaxy Note 10.1 Into Download Mode . If you have any questions or if something went wrong then be sure to ask me in the comments. Thankyou for reading. Please Share to support me.

Updated: August 26, 2017 — 3:48 am

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