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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Without PC

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Without PC easily step by step guide. Samsung galaxy s3 was release over 2 years ago but are still owned by billions of people across the globe. With age comes roms, with roms comes the need to Root your Galaxy s3. In this article we are going to discuss the easiest way to root a samsung galaxy s3 method. This is not going to require you to install odin or flash via odin. Everything can be done via your galaxy s3 browser and with the help of an application. This method is truly the Easiest Way to Root a towelroot s3 so far.

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Without PC Easily

We proceed with the Easiest Way to Root a Samsung Galaxy s3 method. Feel free to take out your Galaxy s3 and Follow along with me.This will work with Any Galaxy s3 Version. Follow this step by step guide to learn how to root samsung galaxy s3 i9300 and how to root galaxy s3 verizon.

Step 1 :

Open your Mobile’s browser and go to this website .

Step 2 :easiest-one-click-root-method-for-your-samsung-galaxy-s3.w654-5

When the website Opens , Simply Click the Red Lemda icon on the webpage and this will download a .apk File on your Phone. Let that file be fully downloaded.The File Will Be Named As tr.apk .easiest-one-click-root-method-for-your-samsung-galaxy-s3.w654-6

Step 3 :

Tap on the Downloaded file and Install It. (make sure you’ve enabled unknown sources setting or it will not install.easiest-one-click-root-method-for-your-samsung-galaxy-s3.w654-7

Step 4 :

Now after the application has been installed, open the app. You will be greeted by a button Saying make it ra1n . That’s your Queue to root. Press that button.easiest-one-click-root-method-for-your-samsung-galaxy-s3.w654-8

After you Click on That button, another screen will come up, now wait for 15 seconds , your device will reboot and you will have root.easiest-one-click-root-method-for-your-samsung-galaxy-s3.w654-9

After your device reboots, your device that is Samsung Galaxy s3 (any version) will be successfully rooted and you will have root installed on your android device. This is by far the easiest Way to Root a Samsung Galaxy s3 because it saves you the trouble of searching a particular .tar file for root and to flash via odin. Other methods have chances that they can brick your Device. But this is simple way to root galaxy s3 xda and root galaxy s3 at&t without computer.

How To Check If you Have Root Successfully Installed ?

To check whether you have successfully rooted via the easiest Way to Root a Samsung Galaxy s3 there is an app on the play store called Root Checker . Download that app and run it if you want to learn how to root samsung galaxy s3 i9305.

Root Checker

Root Checker


After you’ve checked the root , if it is successfully installed, it will show you this Screen.easiest-one-click-root-method-for-your-samsung-galaxy-s3.w654-11

Thats it, now you have successfully installed root or rooted your galaxy s3 via the Easiest Way to Root a Samsung Galaxy s3 there is i could find on the web.

What Does Root Give you

Root gives you many features. It gives permissions to those third party apps that you can install for the betterment of your android phone but cannot run them due to the restrictions of your Android OS. You can do other useful stuff via apps that require root for example, overclock your ram, overclock your CPU  etc.Root releases the restrictions of your android Device.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments, have you learnt How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Without PC ? Share with us your easy way to Root your Favourite Android Phone.

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