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vShare Download Android No Jailbreak

vShare Download Android No Jailbreak is an appstore that has free apps and games including the paid ones which are also free. vShare is pretty famous among iPhone users on iOS platform because it is the only store which provides free apps without jailbreak. But now you can Install vShare on Android also. On android vShare comes with some other features too. Apart from providing just free apps vShare brings the builtin memory optimizer and task manager on the notification panel which helps you easily clearing the Ram of your Phone on the go.

I will show you in today’s article that how you can download and install vshare on Android for free and enjoy free apps and games. Let us begin now.

vShare Download Android No Jailbreak

Install vShare on Android Phone

Installing vShare appstore on Android is easy and requires no expertise. Almost anyone can do this with ease by following the instructions below. With vShare you can download free apps and games on your device. It brings you cracked apps and games for free.

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Installing vShare Android does not requires rooting or any custom recovery. It can be installed on your phone even if you are rooted or un-rooted.

vShare Features

  1. More than 60Million Users are using vShare.
  2. 1 Million free apps and Games.
  3. Downloading Speed is fast.
  4. Pause Resume Capability.
  5. Almost all the apps are free.
  6. Updates frequently to new version.
  7. Get apps which even Google Play hasn’t.
  8. One of the Largest iOS and Android apps store.

How to vShare Download Android No Jailbreak

  1. Unlock your Android Phone and connect to the internet.
  2. Open the internet browser.
  3. Type the URL
  4. Now vShare website will open.
  5. Tap on the Download button that appears below.
  6. Download vShare apk
  7. Wait till vShare installs.
  8. After that, on your phone Go to Settings>>Security and enable Unknown Sources option.
  9. Now go back, open the download folder where vshare is installed.
  10. Tap on vShare app and install it.
  11. Now to the Apps drawer. Open vShare Android App and enjoy.

That is all for vShare Download Android No Jailbreak . Any questions can be asked in the comments below. Please share it and don’t forget to subscribe.

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